Local Quality Groceries
Delivered in a Flash
Local Quality Items
We support local producers and artisans and source most of our products directly from you local butcher, fishmonger, baker or farm.
Retail Prices
Everything you need from local butcher to baby food, to biscuits and bubbly, weekday or weekend delivered to you at retail prices!
Delivered Fast

From our micro-fulfillment center to your door means that you get your order in a flash! We are open late to bring you what you need!
Quality products delivered in a flash at retail prices 24/7
Our Vision:
We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to list only the best quality local products with 1,500 + carefully curated products available to our customers now!

While we do that, availability and efficiency is the key to make our customers happy and we strive to expand, being able to reach every customer of Nippy!

Sustainability and inclusivity are the keys to our culture, and all deliveries are done using e-bikes only!
For true Nippy Fans we have our own delivery app with huge variety of products, speacial deals and much more!
Find more information about the app below!
Hints from Nippy:
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Yes, I am gonna order @nippygroceries in the middle of my work and you can not judge me - as I am not leaving my work desk! Ahaha check mate boss!
I accidentally discovered @nippygroceries this week and got a delivery in 7 minutes! No way I am using any other app now - that is a game changer!
Once I found out Nippy can get me Ben & Jerry's in under 20 mins, I've re-thought the way I am spending my movie nights! Life long supply of ice-cream delivered right to the door seems to good to be true!
Who needs to go to the pub, if you can get beer delivered to your garden in 10 mins and get all snacks at the retail price with a view! Nippy all the way up!
Honestly, I ever thought that you can get groceries in 10 minutes after placing an order - and when I found Nippy and they did it in 6! I am quite impressed...
Nippy saves me when toilet roll is out, and the worst part it happens every second day as I have 4 other flatmates ahaha!
Sometimes you gotta send your friends a Nippy order as a self care move!!!
Long distance relationships can be hard, so Nippy comes to rescue! Because when you feeling sick you can send your GF a pack of sweets, white wine, popcorn and Kombucha minutes she falls asleep :)
My son was self isolating for the past 2 weeks and I thought to send him some snacks with Nippy! All delivered in few minutes and a happy child there is! Moms being moms :)
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Grocemania goes direct to customer with Nippy Groceries dark store rollout
Grocemania, an on-demand grocery delivery app, has launched its first "Nippy" dark store in Kingston, Surrey.
Grocemania have plans to launch "Nippy" 16 more dark stores across the North of England in September
Grocery delivery startup Grocemania makes dark stores move, launching Nippy Groceries
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